Land Your Plane Here


Adherence to the following Standard Operating Procedures will enhance the safety of your flights into and out of FD51 while ensuring we remain good neighbors to those who share our island.

  • Summerland Key Cove Airport is privately owned and operated by 14 shareholders. All license fees are used to support, maintain and improve the airport. This facility is available for use after approval by the shareholders. The shareholders reserve the right to withdraw the permissive use of the airport for any reason.
  • The runway length is 2394 feet.
  • Runway 12 has 2035 feet usable for landing
  • Runway 30 has 2104 feet usable for landing
  • Pattern altitude is 800 feet
  • Left Pattern for both runways
  • 10,500 pound aircraft maximum gross weight limit
  • Please familiarize yourself with the obstacles that exist on approach to both Runway 12 and Runway 30.
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office rescue helicopters (TraumaStar) use our facility for emergency operations on a 24-hour basis. Their use is normally limited to approximately 30 minutes. When TraumaStar is on the ground at FD51, the runway is closed to takeoff and landing. You may be required to go-around/hold/divert until they clear the area.
  • Extra care should be exercised to visually check the runway area for maintenance crew/operations. Mowing is always accomplished during operational hours. Be aware that the tractor operator probably can’t hear you - and may not be able to see your approach.
  • All license holders must hold, at minimum, a valid sport pilot’s license. Student pilots are allowed to purchase an annual license upon approval from the Airport Manager.
  • All Shareholders, License Holders and Guests must provide a copy of their aircraft insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 liability and $100,000 property damage and name Summerland Key Cove Airport Company as Additionally Named Insured. New certificates must be provided by the license holder to the shareholders at policy renewal time each year.
  • Flights into and out of FD51 are authorized only for shareholders, their guests and license holders.
  • All guests shall contact the Airport Manager before first landing at Summerland Key.
  • New annual permits will be prorated the first year only to ensure equity and ease of subsequent billing.
  • Every Pilot or Student Pilot operating an aircraft into or out of Summerland Key Cove Airport as Pilot in Command, or under instruction, shall first obtain an annual license from the Airport Manager.
  • License fees shall be paid by January 15. A late fee of $100 per month is required on payments made after January 15. Please contact the Airport Manager if you need to make other arrangements for payment.
  • Keep prop wash away from neighbor’s houses, cars, boats, etc.
  • Exercise extra caution during engine start, taxi, run-up, etc.
  • Utilize 122.9 for all pattern and safety-of-flight communications pertaining to FD51.
  • Airport operations are limited to VFR conditions during daylight hours.
  • Takeoffs are permitted between local official sunrise and official sunset.
  • Make turns after departure over water.
  • Full-stop landings are permitted from official sunrise to evening civil twilight.
  • Pick up and drop off for banner towing
  • Perform high speed, low altitude passes over the field
  • Conduct flight training for hire
  • Utilize FD51 for commercial operations of any kind
  • Perform touch-and-gos
  • Taxi from the airfield environment under aircraft power. Please tow aircraft on West Shore, Park or South Lake. Please do not leave your aircraft unattended on the runway prior to, or following, flight
  • Annual License (for one pilot and one aircraft)
  • $2000
  • $250 if parking on airport property
  • $100 for each additional aircraft
  • Monthly License
  • $600 per month
  • Guests of Licensees
  • $200 per week (minimum charge)
  • Guests of Licensees MUST be friends/family actually visiting the Licensee
  • Licensee is responsible for paying their guest’s fee to the Airport manager

Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.
Please send them to our mailing address or
contact the Airport Manager directly.